Blues in A (Several Ways)

60 Minute DVD, includes music and tab pdf file
$30.00 + shipping and handling

On this enthralling, user-friendly lesson, the great fingerpicking blues artist Mary Flower gives early/intermediate guitarists the tools for developing easy but effective solos in the key of A. She teaches a variety of interchangeable parts, so you and another player can trade licks, or you can simply use them yourself in an improvised solo.

Even more experienced blues players will learn many new and useful things from this lesson. Playing a steady “dead-thumb” bass, Mary starts with two-string moveable shapes for building simple solos at the first position, and then gradually moves up the neck to create a powerful sequence of licks and chord shapes. Each segment is progressively more challenging, until you’re playing a fairly complex bass/chord combination, all in the key of A.

A highly experienced instructor, Mary makes this lesson interactive, giving you a chance to play along with her as you perfect your technique. As a bonus, Mary shows another complete blues arrangement in A, playing out of first position and then, again, moving up the fingerboard.

By the time you have worked through these moves you’ll have a complete overview of this beautiful and immensely playable guitar key.