Fingerstyle Ragtime Guitar

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Mary Begins by explaining the I-VI-II-V chord progression that gives the ragtime blues their essential sound and demonstrates it in all five keys in which it is traditionally used. Having established the basis, she then goes on to show you the tools that will help expand your improvisational abilities, including movable 7th chords, bass runs and melodies. To help consolidate your playing in the context of a real song she uses Blind Boy Fuller’s classic “Rag Mama” for getting you used to the progression and teaching you how to take it further. Mary then adds seven other tunes that use this progression, a medley of ragtime blues songs and her own tune, “Black Dog Rag”. The pieces and techniques shown on this video are arranged progressively, so you can see your playing improve as you go along. Tab is included on the CD-ROM. Level is appropriate for advanced/intermediate players.