The Ragpicker String Band

Mandolinist Rich DelGrosso, Guitarist Mary Flower and multi-instrumentalist Martin Grosswendt have earned steady streams of praise for their outstanding string skills. They strum and pick up a storm on their debut album together as the Ragpicker String Band — but it’s their tight trio harmonies that especially dazzle. The acoustic dream team summons the spirits of everyone from the Mississippi Sheiks to Kweskin and Crumb with their vibrant spin on prewar folk-blues.

  1. Honey Babe
  2. Minor Blues
  3. Google Blues
  4. Blue Monk
  5. Clean Up At Home
  6. Motel Towel
  7. Baby Where You Been
  8. Black Mattie
  9. Lonely One In This Town
  10. By Your Side
  11. Milk Cow Blues
  12. Trimmed and Burning
  13. Street Doctor Blues
  14. Bruno’s Dream