When My Bluebird Sings

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All solo, all original acoustic finger picking blues, lap slide instrumentals and vocals.

One of the Best Albums of 2014 —Downbeat

Mary Flower’s contralto voice and confident playing of guitars and dobros on this solo album square an abiding interest in folk tradition with empathy for the blues. using even-tempered resolve, this Portlander mixes lyricism and a soupcon of sensuality in captivating original music. “Can’t Take It With You” has her offering witty reflections on cutting the mortal cord, while “Delta Dream” finds her singing about rural life in Louisiana with an understanding well beyond that of any tourist.Several fascinating instrumentals sustain a balance between bluesy restlessness and playfulness–dig those lap-slide dobros. At all times Flower communicates the weight of her sense of conviction.
-Downbeat magazine

  1. So Far Doin’ Alright
  2. Ragtag Rag
  3. Delta Dream
  4. Suspendimento
  5. My Bluebird
  6. Ruckus Rag
  7. Millwood Waltz
  8. Can’t Take It With You
  9. Humbug Creek
  10. Sashay My Way
  11. Bicycle
  12. Snail On A Rail
  13. Atchafalaya